On horseback in the Region of Parks

The F.I.S.E. network of equestrian clubs welcomes you to Abruzzo


A place of unforgettable emotions and even more so on horseback. Take to the saddle and canter alongside the foaming sea, trot in the hills surrounded by precious vines and olive groves, gallop across vast plateaux, green in summer and white in winter. Let your horse take you along the ancient Regio Tratturo sheep tracks and towards villages that keep safe great art treasures and authentic flavours.


Riding schools with qualified instructors and operators, experienced horses, comfortable stables, and excellent, scented hay, specialized vets and skilled farriers, local riders who are familiar with the loveliest and safest trails, proverbial hospitality in welcoming accommodation always near the stables.

The experience

Riding a horse is a unique experience, whether you are an expert in the saddle or just starting out. The landscapes around equestrian clubs make riding lessons even more enjoyable and will draw you back time and again to trek across a region ripe for discovery and perfect for riding.