Emiliano Varagnolo, competitive instructor
Emiliano Varagnolo, competitive instructor

Società sportiva dilettantistica a r. l.

La Cordijana all'Ippodromo d'Abruzzo

Via Salara 5


66020 San Giovanni Teatino CH

tel. +39 3282531757 (Chiara)

chiaraciolli@hotmail.it - chiaraciolli@lacordijana.it

www.lacordijana.it - Facebook



Circolo Ippico La Cordijana is located inside the Abruzzo Racecourse, set in a loop of the River Pescara and surrounded by a park of 36 hectares. Despite being in Sambuceto, part of San Giovanni Teatino, the racecourse is on the border of the city of Pescara, and a green haven in the urban fabric of the two municipalities merging seamlessly at the international airport.


About us and what we do

La Cordijana is an amateur sports club, FISE-affiliated for Olympic equestrian disciplines, taught by Emiliano Varagnolo, who has been chosen several times for the national show-jumping team and is a Level 2 instructor. The pony section is managed by instructor and psychologist Valentina Cappelluti. The club also offers cross-country riding, which can be practiced in the huge racecourse park and in the field outlined by the racetrack.


Languages spoken

English, Spanish


Recommended destinations in the district

Pescara, Spoltore, Villa Badessa, Moscufo, Pianella.


Bridle paths and horseback trails

The urban development that surrounds the large racecourse park, with roads and tracks crossing the lush greenery along the banks of the River Pescara means vans or trailers are needed to reach the nearby San Giovanni Teatino and Spoltore hills, to find the countless country roads.


Horses available, facilities for visiting horses

Five horses and five ponies; 200 loose boxes, four paddocks, one horse walker, two arenas (90x40m and 50x60m).


Horse services

Vet at 25 km; farrier on site; veterinary pharmacy, Sambuceto (3km).


Accommodation for riders

The racecourse offers restaurants, a clubhouse and a children’s play area. Plentiful accommodation can be found at 1km.

Transfers for accompanying persons and luggage available with prior notice.


Closest saddlery and speciality stores

Equitime (Cepagatti, 14km).


Other equestrian clubs nearby

Scuderia San Paolo (Chieti, 6km); Circolo Ippico Valle del Lupo (San Giovanni Teatino, 7km); I Cavalieri dei Calanchi (San Giovanni Teatino, 7km); Teaterno Sporting Club (Chieti Scalo, 7.5km). 



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