Chiara Marrama, many-time endurance champion, is the perfect guide for exploring the Peligna valley
Chiara Marrama, many-time endurance champion, is the perfect guide for exploring the Peligna valley

Associazione sportiva dilettantistica

I Cavalieri dell'Antera

Contrada Antera, via Popoli 44

67030 Vittorito AQ

tel. +39 3897861886 (Marinella) - +39 3803515981 (Gianfelice) - +39 3478129973 (Adriano) - Facebook




I Cavalieri dell’Antera is in Vittorito (377m asl), on the hills that surround the western edge of the Peligna valley, authentic vineyard country producing excellent wines. It is easily reached by car from the Sulmona–Pratola Peligna exit of the A25 (10km) motorway. The name derives from vicus turritus, namely a “village with towers”, of which there are still remains as there are of the characteristic tower-houses that distinguish the upper part of the town, on the slopes of Mount Castellano. The Peligna valley’s most important city – noble Sulmona – is only 20km away.


About us and what we do

I Cavalieri dell’Antera is an amateur sports association, FISE- and ASI- affiliated, which offers full equestrian services: a riding school, pony school, various horseback sports, including important cross-country and endurance disciplines at competitive level under the guidance of instructors who are also qualified environmental educators and farmers, delighting in expressing and sharing their passion and expertise with activities on the petting farm. The location at the heart of the region means I Cavalieri dell’Antera is able to offer excursions, trekking and horse-riding trips to explore Abruzzo’s most authentic and fascinating secrets in Majella, Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga, and Abruzzo, Lazio & Molise national parks.


Languages spoken

English and French.


Recommended destinations in the district

San Venanzio hermitage, Gole del Sagittario nature reserve, Wolf Visitor Centre, Capestrano, Santo Stefano di Sessanio


Bridle paths and horseback trails

The equestrian club is sited on the Ippovia delle Acque e del Lupo horse-riding trail, also used as an endurance track. The Tratturo Regio Celano–Foggia sheep track is nearby.


Horses available, facilities for visiting horses

Ten horses, 12 ponies and two donkeys; nine loose boxes, ten paddocks; one outdoor arena (20x40m and 30x60m), one riding ring.


Horse services

Vet and farrier within 10km; veterinary pharmacy, Roccacasale (11km).


Accommodation for riders

Clubhouse and restaurant in the equestrian club. B&B less than 1km away; other accommodation options at 10km.

Transfers for accompanying persons and luggage available with prior notice.


Closest saddlery and speciality stores

Equitime (Cepagatti, 47km).


Other equestrian clubs nearby

Gli Amici di Merlino (Prezza, 12km); Auriga (Capestrano, 20km); Equites (Sulmona, 21km); Pony Club Tana della Volpe (Pacentro, 24km).


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