Debora and Flavio welcoming people to the Auriga riding school
Debora and Flavio welcoming people to the Auriga riding school

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica 


Località Collelungo s.n.c.

67022 Capestrano  AQ

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Auriga is situated in the higher part of the Valle del Tirino known as Conca di Capestrano in the province of L’Aquila, in the area of the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e dei Monti della Laga. Capestrano is about 5 km away, likewise Ofena – in the opposite direction. The riding ground is a part of a farm of the same name dedicated to the production of vegetables, fodder and sale of fresh eggs. The area is well-known for vine growing and production of vintage wines thanks to the calcareous clayey ground and to its micro-climate with strong temperature ranges, whence named ‘Abruzzi oven’. Nearby there are the basins of the three sources of the crystal clear river Tirino: the Lake, Presciano and the richest Capo d’Acqua. The Conca preserves important historical testimonies since 1000 B.C. at least: archaeological areas – from where the statue of the Guerriero di Capestrano (c.n VI B.C.) comes. It is kept in the Museo Archeologico di Villa Frigerj in Chieti, but there is a copy in the Castello Piccolomini in Capestrano. Italic fortifications, castles and medieval fortresses, monasteries, churches and parishes, deserted built-up areas, besides the two main villages of the valley, Capestrano and Ofena, with their long and fascinating history connected with sheep breeding, wool manufacturing and the transhumance along the Regio Tratturo L’Aquila – Foggia, the Tratturo Magno.


About us and what we do

Auriga is a FISE affiliate. The manager is Flavio Sarra together with Debora Di Rocco, who is an Olympic Disciplines basic Instructor, a 1st level Country Riding Technician and a Recreational Activity Technical Operator. In the riding school lessons are held with horses and ponies, fit to make children more confident with the riding recreational activity. This riding ground is the ideal starting point for riding excursions and trekking, and a good resting place for riders going along the Ippovia del Gran Sasso or engaging in the Endurance along the trail (Ippovia delle Acque e del Lupo) through the Valle del Tirino going as far as the Valle Peligna. And, moreover, Flavio is a carriage driver enthusiast: with a seven-seat wagonette drawn by a pair of elegant thoroughbred horses KWPN Dutch Warmblood, he proposes romantic carriage drives in the surroundings and along the placid and limpid Tirino river.


Languages spoken

English and German.


Recommended destinations in the district

Fiume Tirino, Capestrano, Rocca Calascio, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castel del MonteCampo ImperatoreVoltigno.


Bridle paths and horseback trails

The Conca di Capestrano is crossed by a branch of the Gran Sasso d’Italia horse trail, a ring more than 300km long through the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga. More horse trails can be found in the surroundings along the country roads following the path of the Tratturo Magno, with villages and places  of special interest from  an archaeological, historical and naturalistic point of view.


Horses available, facilities for visiting horses

10 horses, 4 ponies, 1 break wagonette available for excursions; 12 boxes and 12 paddocks for horse sheltering; 1 open riding ground 30x60 m. Transfers for accompanying persons and luggage available with prior notice.



Horse services

A vet is to be found within 50 km, a blacksmith (Flavio) is on the spot; there is a veterinary chemist at about 30 km.


Accommodation for riders

Within 1-2 km there are several lodging opportunities in farm holiday centres, B&B or camping and restaurant.  In the riding ground there is a relax area, children games, toilets and changing rooms.


Closest saddlery and speciality stores

Selleria Rovo (Fossa, km 39).


Other equestrian clubs nearby

I Cavalieri dell'Antera (Vittorito, km 20); Le Siepi Country Farm (Poggio Picenze, km 34); Circolo Ippico San Gregorio (località S. Gregorio - L'Aquila, km 36). 



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